盖恩斯维尔,佛罗里达州。 -  sunbet周四公布了第二届年度罗杰·迪林心脏的奖励奖,体育奖的罗杰·迪林精神的赢家。约书亚koolik(派斯特学院)捧回的艺术荣誉心脏,霍姆斯考特尼(克里斯托弗·哥伦布男孩天主教高中)运动赢得了荣誉的精神。

举例体育道德品质这两个提名,标准超过预期,并已通过各种逆境表现出色。 koolik福尔摩斯双方将获得$ 1,500个奖学金,他们的名字在FHSAA的代。  


约书亚koolik,松峦学校 - Koolik is a scholar student. He is in the Beta Club, multiple honor societies and an AP scholar. Outside of the classroom Koolik is a cross country/track & field athlete, in the upper school orchestra where he plays the violin, and is involved in the visual arts which consists of drawing, painting, sculpture and design.  His work has been displayed in art exhibitions and has received national attention for placing first at the National Competition for Fashion Design and Technology. Koolik uses his gifted art skills when giving back to his community. He teaches visual arts and self-expression at the Youth Activity Center in Boca Raton. He also started a project with the children at the center, where they renovated an old pavilion at a public housing facility for the elderly. Using the children’s art, hard work and volunteered supplies they turned the rundown pavilion into a newly brightened pavilion where residents of the facility can come see the art and uplift their spirits. Koolik is the perfect example of someone who uses their gifts for the greater good of society.


考特尼·霍姆斯,克里斯托弗·哥伦布男孩天主教高中 - Holmes is a two-time track & field State Champion in the 4x400 meter and a member of the 2019 8A 足球 State Championship team at Columbus. When he’s not on the track or field, he’s giving back to his community. He has participated in Super Kids- Super Sharing, where he helped collect school supplies and sports equipment to help underprivileged children in the greater Miami area. Holmes is also a volunteer football coach for the youth football league and an active member of 5000 Role Models where he is mentored and mentors “at-risk” youth through guidance and educational assistance. His success has not come easy though, he has faced and overcome unimaginable trials and tribulations. At a young age, his father left his family, and his mother was killed in a hit and run. This led him to living with his aunt and cousins, who a year later, he came home and found murdered. Along with those tragedies, he faced major setbacks. During his sophomore year, he tore his ACL and had reconstructive knee surgery. After overcoming that injury, he was shot during the summer of his senior year. While Holmes was fighting for his life, all that was on his mind was making it back in time to support his team in the upcoming football season. He prevailed through it all and returned in time for football season. Holmes is the definition of a fighter and someone whose positive spirit for life despite his experiences shines bright.




该FHSAA制定了“体育奖项罗杰·迪林精神,以”寻求那些个人(S)谁展示运动的积极精神的理想和代表教育为主的竞技的核心任务。单个或一组应该表现出典型的体育道德,标准超出预期,而你克服困难或挑战的情况。可在识别给出了具体的行为或者更长的时间的活动奖励。 。罗杰·迪林心脏艺术奖的获胜者将作为FHSAA提名为NFHS心脏艺术奖提交给州高中体育协会全国联合会(NFHS)。